Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad | Password-protect Files and other Data in your iPhone and iPad.

Transfer and Password-Protect Important Files in iPhone and iPad.

Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad offers transfer and full password protection of all your private files, pictures, videos and documents on your iPhone and iPad. Conveniently transfer files from your PC or MAC to your iPhone and iPad via Wi-Fi connections and view and check your protected documents, pictures, videos, and audios form within the application with the help of built-in Players and Viewers. Additional features include downloading of files to your iPhone directly from the internet, write your own secure notes, and add files from the Photo Gallery in your iPhone and iPad. You also check fake password attempts used by a possible intruder who may have tried to hack into the application by going to the Settings. Furthermore, you can restrict the number of password attempts to frustrate hackers who may try various different passwords to try to hack into the application.
Imagine if you lose your iPhone or if your iPad gets stolen. What then? iPhones and iPads do not provide any default or standard password-protection of your data and information saved in the device. What will happen if your bank statements or your profile pictures fall into the wrong hands? What if your boss or colleagues or friends discover sensitive material on your iPhone and iPad? Folder Lock's brute force password protection makes it possible to keep your files for your eyes only.
Download Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad Today! Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad work on all iOS versions, as well as on iPod Touch.


Key Benefits
  • Easy And Effortless Protection: Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad is the easiest way of password protecting files in iPhone and iPad. It lets you secure personal files, documents, pictures, videos, audios and all other private files that you keep in your iPhone and iPad.
  • Transfer and Share Files Over Wi-Fi: Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad offers the fastest way of transferring data from your iPhone and iPad to a Wi-Fi connected PC and MAC. The app is smart enough to guide you through the process once the Wi-Fi connection is established.
  • Protection Against Data Loss, Data Leak, and Data Theft: Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad uses advanced brute force password protection technology to protect your personal files, pictures, videos, audios and other files. Its strong password protection and hack attempt monitoring make it impossible for hackers to hack into your iPhone and iPad.
  • Secure your iPhone and iPad with Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad and protect your data from getting lost, stolen, or leaked. Never again worry about lost data and information in the unfortunate event of ever losing your iPhone and iPad.
  • Access your protected data the way you want: With Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad, keep all your personal and private files in one secure location i.e. your Locker. And with a built-in Download Browser, Media Player, and Document Viewer, you can download, play, and view your files in a convenient way.
  • Carry all your Personal Stuff in your Pocket without any Fear: Never again worry about data loss or privacy breach on your iPhone and iPad if you have protected it with Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad. Protection is automatic and works perfectly well in all iPod Touch devices as well as in iPad. And if you want to access and transfer files directly from one iPhone and iPad to another iPhone and iPad, simply install Folder Lock for iPhone and iPad on both devices and you are good to go!
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