Thursday, 23 February 2012

Macro Keys | Feature-Rich Task Automation And Text-Replacement Utility

Improve Productivity By Automating Your Tasks!
Macro Keys is a unique productivity software that helps you save time when working with your repetitive tasks on your computers or laptops. It is feature-packed to help you better deliver you work in the shortest time possible. Furthermore, it supports creating hotkeys for launching just about anything on your computer.

Macro Keys achieves this by creating shortcut texts called macros for all your repetitive texts. Macros are shortcuts to the texts you write on your computer. Macro Keys helps you record macro with special keys like Tab, Enter, Up, Down and other special keys for later use during activities requiring text-intensive and repetitive computer tasks including, but in no way limited to, filling forms over the internet or activating a game cheat. All created macros and shortcuts are password-protected and are saved in an encrypted form to ensure that they are never leaked out to anyone.

      Key Benefits.
  • Save Time. Deliver Better. Deliver More: Macro Keys enables you to be more productive and efficient by automating your regular and time-intensive computer tasks by creating simple and easy macro makers that help you create and maintain shortcut texts for your long, tedious and repetitive texts.
  • Automate Tasks Across All Applications: Macro Keys works with all your favorite Windows applications and enables you to paste replacement texts in MS Word, Notepad or in your email client. With Macro Keys you can work faster and smarter and enhance your productivity at work and at home.
  • Retrieve Your Lost Data: Macro Keys runs automatically on Windows Startup and keeps a close eye on data you copy during your Windows session. It saves up to 100 clipboard items and helps you prevent loss of your important data even when you restart your PC. You can also assign shortcuts for your copied contents and trigger & paste them anywhere you like, whenever you want.
  • Go Beyond Text Replacement: Macro Keys takes automation beyond text replacement and gives you the power to launch any program, application, software, folder, drive, website, and email by allowing you to create a Hotkey for it. Set and use as many hotkeys for as many different applications on your computers or laptops.
  • Automate Your Internet Tasks: With Macro Keys, you can create Macros to automate even your Internet tasks. Set Macros to animate keys like Tabs, Enter, and also insert current Date and Time in your letters. Automate tasks like form-filling, signups, and logins by allowing you to create specific Macros. For added security and functionality, you can use the built-in Virtual Keyboard to when you create Macros. This will simulate real keystrokes in your Macros including keys like Tab, Insert, Delete, Home, End, Page Up, Page Down, Date, Time, Space, Enter or any of the Arrow keys.